New Cafe Naming Contest – April 2015

New Cafe Naming Contest – April 2015

New Cafe Naming Contest – April 2015

What’s in a name? Well, there could be a $50 gift card to the new “sister” cafe scheduled to open later this Spring at 201 E Washington St., in Suite 205 of the Collier Center (just 4 blocks from SpoonZ Cafe). This is where YOU come in! We need YOU to name the cafe! For the month of April, we will be collecting your ideas. You can share your idea with us on our Facebook, Twitter (or tweet us @SpoonZCafe), or Google+ pages, inside SpoonZ Cafe, or leave a comment below.
The winning name will be announced on April 30th! The winner will receive a $50 gift card to the new cafe! We need the creative input of you and your friends, so please invite your friends and co-workers to share their ideas too! You could win a $50 cafe gift card if your idea is selected as the winning cafe name!

  1. Beth Anne Johnson
    Beth Anne JohnsonApril 17,15

    How about “ForX”???

    P.S. Welcome to the building!!

  2. Jan Farnlof
    Jan FarnlofApril 17,15

    Cafe BlitZ

  3. Jose C. Ruiz
    Jose C. RuizApril 18,15

    I have some ideas listed below, hope you like them:

    Impresso Espresso
    The Friendly Bean
    Wake Up Cafe
    Beach Bum Cafe

  4. Ben Cooper
    Ben CooperApril 18,15

    I think you want to remind people of the connection, so I recommend SILVER SPOONZ (you are right across from Bank of America) or, because this is a larger space, TABLESPOONZ.

    Welcome to Collier Center!

    Ben Cooper, Steptoe & Johnson LLP

  5. Tracee Antley McElvogue
    Tracee Antley McElvogueApril 19,15

    Forkz 2
    Cupz Cafe

  6. John Carlisle
    John CarlisleApril 20,15

    How about the name “Two Presidents” since it will be in between Washington & Jefferson….

  7. Chris Anderson
    Chris AndersonApril 20,15


  8. Marcia Asbury
    Marcia AsburyApril 20,15

    sister café name — TwoSpoonz Cafe

  9. Patti Hayden
    Patti HaydenApril 20,15

    The Place

  10. Ben Cooper
    Ben CooperApril 21,15

    SpoonzFul or SpoonzFull

  11. Chris F Campbell
    Chris F CampbellApril 22,15

    I think a good name for the new restaurant is

    Goed Eten

    It means “Good Food” in Dutch.

  12. Brandi O'Neil
    Brandi O'NeilApril 22,15


  13. Brandi O'Neil
    Brandi O'NeilApril 22,15

    ForkZ Cafe

  14. Kathryn Butler
    Kathryn ButlerApril 22,15

    New Cafe Naming Ideas:
    *Fork + Spoon
    *Cafe PHX
    *Cafe 602
    *Space 205
    *Civic Spoon
    *Square Spoon

  15. stephanie gomez
    stephanie gomezApril 28,15

    sister spoons
    cafe 205
    forkz cafe
    rise and grind
    silver rise
    silver grind
    eatz cafe
    silver eatz